College level remediation

Updated 3/20/18

According to the December 2010, Washoe K-16 Data Profile, prepared by The Education Collaborative of Washoe County (now the Education Alliance), the percentage of WCSD graduates needing remedial coursework in English or math, is much lower then the percentage of students enrolled in these courses.  Consequently, remediation needs based upon placement scores (ACT, SAT or Accuplacer) are now tracked instead of enrollment in remedial courses.


  • ~5% of TMCC freshmen don’t have placement scores
  • TMCC changed redial placement cut scores in 2009, and again in 2010, resulting in a higher percentage; 2013 TMCC drop in part due to a change in Accuplacer cut scores
  • UNR changed cut scores in 2010, resulting in lower percentages
  • **Nevada System of Higher Education remediation does not include all WCSD graduates (some don’t attend college or go out of state)


Washoe County School District, Washoe K-16 Data Profiles prepared by The Education Alliance of Washoe County

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