Domestic violence*

Updated 10/21/19 – *Note that this measure is also a social determinant of health

TMT has tracked slightly different data in the past. Although the number of shelter beds is important, it does not change significantly from year to year, however, reported contacts by the Committee to Aid Abused Women (CAAW), as well as Safe Embrace, do show how widespread domestic violence is in our community. CAAW reported that 70.6% of the total child shelter population for FY2006-07 were child shelter residents under the age of 5.

State statistics show that many men are victims of abuse. Part of this is a reflection of the fact that when police respond to a domestic violence incidence, if both partners are injured, they must arrest and hold both for the mandatory “cooling off” period. Victims of domestic violence cross racial and ethnic, socio-economic and gender lines.

Covering Domestic Violence: A Guide for Informed Media Reporting in Nevada, reported on the Family Violence Fund estimates of the following costs to society of domestic violence:

  • 33% of all police response time
  • >7.9 million paid workdays lost annually


  • Data may not be comparable year-to-year due to under-reporting when not all agencies report
  • Due to budgetary constraints, some data was not included in state reports starting 2002
  • 2006 figures only available for 4th quarter & not listed due to the lack of comparison over time
  • Statewide reporting for 2007 may not be complete
  • 2012-13 and 2015 total incidents reported per county were not included in state reports
  • 2015 data for Reno PD, Sparks PD and Washoe County SO only (excludes WCSD, UNR & TMCC law enforcement)
  • Report used population estimates USCB starting 2016 (earlier years Nevada Demographer); reporting agencies change over years & may not be comparable


Nevada Department of Public Safety;

US Census Bureau, American Community Survey (population estimates)

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