High school graduation rates*

Updated 9/17/19 – *Note that this measure is also a social determinant of health

Staying in school is more important as the world and workforce become more complex.  WCSD high school graduation rates have improved and continue to be higher than the state.  The official graduation rates are reported by the Nevada Department of Education, and are reported via the Annual Reports of Accountability for the previous school year.

The longitudinal cohort graduation rate began school year 2011-12 and tracks individual students in a given freshman class.  The previous leaver graduation rate was used until the 2010-11 school year and should not be compared to the cohort rate calculation.  However, data calculations changed as of 2014, with revised calculations starting with 2010 data;  consequently, data for prior years may not be not comparable with later years.


  1. Adjusted diplomas available to students with disabilities, not equivalent to standard diplomas, counted as non-grads

  2. Dropouts include cohorts who withdrew before graduating and did not enroll in another school district, plus students who left with the intent to obtain a GED or other high school equivalency certificate [prior to 2010 dropout data included transfers to Washoe Adult HS before age 18 and withdraws to obtain a GED (GED testing can be outside WCSD and thus, not tracked)]

  3. Vanished consists of cohorts withdrawn after 10+ days absent with whereabouts unknown, plus cohorts who withdrew to another district, but no transcript request was received from the new school [prior to 2010 vanished data included no withdraw data, out-of-district transfer/withdraw codes without transcript request, or in-district transfer without re-enrollment in WCSD]

  4. Verified transferred out includes all cohorts for whom enrollment in another school district was verified through an official transcript request or enrollment verification [prior to 2010 verified data includes transfers to Washoe Adult HS on or after age 18]

  5. Differences across years result from improved student accounting and should not be interpreted as changes in types of non-grads

  6. As of 2014, certificates of Attendance are no longer issued; students with enough credits to graduate but didn’t pass the High School Proficiency Exam (HSPE) are counted as credit deficient/failed HSPE

  7. As of 2011, honors grads included in advanced degrees (2018 advanced degrees unverified)


Nevada Department of Education, Annual Reports of Accountbility;

Washoe K-16 Data Profile, prepared by The Education Alliance of Washoe County

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