Leading cause of death

Updated 2/24/20

TMT tracked the leading cause of death in the past, and although the measure may not be as important as some other heath metrics, the data do act as an early warning sign for certain diseases and associated behaviors.  Understanding the causes of death helps residents assess health risks and allows the community to target eduction and prevention resources. Cause of death shows why the community is losing people who still should have productive years ahead of them.

Washoe County remains above the Healthy People 2020 targets for diseases of the heart and starting 2017, also for colorectal cancer.

2020 Healthy People Targets:

  • Diseases of the heart ≤ 100.8 deaths  (age-adjusted per 100,000 population)
  • Malignant Neoplasm (cancer) ≤ 160.6 (age-adjusted)
  • Stroke (Cerebrovascular diseases) ≤ 33.8 (age-adjusted)
  • Suicide death rate per 100,000 population ≤ 10.2 (crude)
  • Motor vehicle accidents ≤ 12.4 (age-adjusted)
  • Diabetes-related ≤ 65.8 (age-adjusted)


Centers for Disease Control an Prevention (CDC)

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