Local Arts Index

Updated 11/7/16

The Local Arts Index – Where I Live is a tool from the Americans for the Arts to better understand the characteristics of the cultural life of individual communities. It is composed of a series of secondary arts indicators, measured at the county level, comparing a single county to the average and median county values across the country. The index is built around four dimensions (data is not available for every county) of the “Community Arts Vitality Model*”:

  1. Arts Activity, levels of participation and production
  2. Resources, the flows of arts revenues and organizational resources used in the arts
  3. Competitiveness, the arts relative to other community economic markers
  4. Local Cultural Character, attributes of the arts that differentiate place from each other

Although the data are lagged, arts employment in Washoe county continues to be strong, and nonprofit arts spending and revenues continue to grow.


  • 44 NAICS codes best representation of arts & culture establishments


The Local Arts Index – Where I Live

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