Parklands acreage rate

Updated 3/24/19

Access to parks provides opportunities for outside activities and healthy living during all seasons.  The Humana Foundation sponsors Playful Cities USA to recognize cities investing in children through local policies directed at increasing play opportunities.  As of 2013, Henderson, NV is the only participating city in the state.

The Truckee Meadows Regional Plan, adopted July 2007 and last amended 2010, promotes an integrated open space and greenways network linked to parks, bike- and pedestrian-ways, trails and neighborhood facilities. According to documents prepared for the City of Reno’s open space planning efforts, the National Recreation Planning Association recommends a total of 6.25 to 10.50 acres of parkland be available for every 1,000 residents.

Development acres dedicated for parks on an ongoing basis are needed to maintain adequate parklands.  Augmenting the neighborhood-community parkland inventory are small parks, special purpose parks, public golf courses, undeveloped parkland and open space.  These lands provide recreational opportunities, contribute  to our outdoor experience and should be recognized in park planning.  They do not, however, provide unlimited public use and access, nor do they always offer the traditional amenities of a neighborhood and community park.  They are thus handled separately in the inventory.

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