Parks & playgrounds*

Updated 2/27/19 – *Note that this measure is also a physical determinant of health

Access to parks provides opportunities for outside activities and healthy living during all seasons.  The Humana Foundation sponsors Playful Cities USA to recognize cities investing in children through local policies directed at increasing play opportunities.  As of 2014, Henderson is the only participating city in Nevada.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2013 County Health Rankings measured the percentage of population living within half a mile of a park. The data are lagged 3 years (based on 2010 data) and because the number of parks doesn’t change much from year-to-year, this measure wasn’t included in subsequent rankings which switched to an inactivity measure, but it does allow for county comparisons within Nevada. In the 2013 rankings, Nevada ranked 39th.

Carson City 51%
Clark 51%
Mineral 50%
Washoe 47%
Douglas 26%
Churchill 24%
Lander 22%
Storey 19%
Lincoln 16%
Lyon 15%
Elko 8%
Eureka 6%
Esmeralda 5%
Humboldt 5%
Nye 2%
Pershing %
White Pine %


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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, County Health Rankings

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