Perception of physical safety

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How do you agree with the following statement: “My community is a safe place?”


Agree 42%
Disagree 26%


Agree 53%
Disagree 23%


Agree 63%
Disagree 17%


Agree 72%
Disagree 14%

TMT has surveyed feeling of safety in the community for more than a decade, with the most recent community-wide phone survey was conducted by MarkeTec for TMT, December 2007.


  • Average fire, police and ambulance response times reflect quality emergency services in the community, however, this data is not readily available and is mostly a question of staffing levels, as well as the number of responders.

2007 survey comparisons

Washoe County’s 2007, Environmental Scan: Community Assessment reported a similar survey question from Washoe County Sheriff and Reno Police Department surveys. When asked if Washoe County was more safe, about the same, or less safe, 42% responded that it was less safe in 2006, almost twice the 21% from the last survey in 2002, after having gone down several years in a row.

However, according to a 2007 City of Reno, Citizen Survey Regarding Growth, only 5% of Reno citizens thought crime/safety should be the number one priority in addressing community growth issues. While, according to a 2006 City of Sparks, Public Attitude Survey, 67% of Sparks citizens reported feeling safe from violent crime, 48% safe from property crime, and 74% safe from fire; 89% safe in their neighborhood during the day, 76% after dark, and 74% safe in Sparks during the day.

Washoe County 2013 Citizen Survey rating (1 – 5=highest):  “Sense of safety in your neighborhood?”

Overall County = 3.18rating
Neighborhood = 3.51rating
District 1 = 3.62rating
District 2 = 3.74rating
District 3 = 3.18rating
District 4 = 3.45rating
District 5 = 3.56rating
White = 3.57rating
Minority = 3.29rating

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