Post secondary education attainment*

Updated 7/22/19 – *Note that this measure is also a social determinant of health

UNR student retention may become harder at $219.25 per-credit-hour for in-state undergraduates ($6,577.50 for 30-semester hours + $1,278 in required fees).  Then add an estimated $1,300 for books and supplies + $1,800 for transportation + $2,500 for other expenses.  That brings the estimated total for one year for a typical full-time undergraduate to $13,455.50.  For those undergraduates wanting to live on campus, add an estimated $6,100 for room + $4,768 for board, for an estimated grand total for one year to $24,323.50.

According to the Institute for College Access & Success, college debt for State of Nevada’s Bachelor’s degree recipients in 2014 from public and private 4-year institutions averaged $20,211 per borrower ($21,666 in 2013), ranking the state 487th (48th in 2013).  New Mexico and Utah were  the only states in 2014 with average college debt below $20,000.


  • *The graduation rate is the percentage of the number of students entering the institutions as undergraduate, full-time, first-time, degree-seeking in a cohort year who complete their program within 150% of normal time (6 years for bachelor’s degrees, 3 years for associate’s degrees, 1.5 years for certificates).


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