Premature death

Updated 3/19/19

The County Health Rankings considers its premature death measure their most important health outcome.  It  focuses on deaths that could have been prevented, with the intent to target resources toward the impact of diseases, death and societal cost.  The measure of years of potential life lost is an age-adjusted version of the crude premature death rate.  Although it is a long-range measure, it is an important indicator of poor health in a community.

County Health Rankings Notes:

  • Data are based on 3-year averages, lagged 3 or 4 years
  • Every death occurring before the age of 75 contributes to the total number of years of potential life lost (e.g., a person dying at age 25 contributes 50 years of life lost, whereas a person who dies at age 65 contributes 10 years)
  • Deaths past age 75 are not accounted for
  • Storey County % change measures from 2013 (earlier data unreliable)
  • Esmeralda & Eureka County data unreliable estimates & not included


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, County Health Rankings

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