Social associations*

Updated 3/19/19 – *Note that this measure is also a social and economic determinant of health

The County Health Rankings (CHR) calculate the number of social associations (such as memberships in civic organizations, bowling centers, golf clubs, fitness centers, sports organizations, religious organizations, political organizations, labor organizations, business organizations, and professional organizations) per 10,000 population. Top US performing rate was 21.9 memberships per 10,000 population in the 2019 rankings vs. 9 for the US, while Nevada was 4.3 and Washoe County increased to 6.2.

Social associations are indicators of social support, isolation, social capital, and facilitate community engagement; however, membership alone doesn’t guarantee social support from these organizations which could also come from family or friendships. Social isolation has also been associated with unhealthy behaviors, leading to increased morbidity and early mortality.


  • County Health Rankings data are calculated from county business pattern data, lagged 3-4 years behind reporting years
  • Associations are identified by NAICS codes 813410, 713950, 713910, 713940, 711211, 813110, 813940, 813930, 813910 and 813920

Below are Washoe County results from the MarkeTec phone survey for TMT, December 2007), as well as related responses from the Washoe County School District, Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

Are you pleased to be living in this community (December 2007)?

I am pleased to be living in this community 82.6%
I am biding my time until I can move 10.8%
I would rather live somewhere else 3.8%
I am unhappy living in this community 2.2%
Don't know/no answer 0.6%

If biding your time or you would rather be living somewhere else, why are you planning to leave (December 2007)?

Better social opportunities 15.1%
Weather 12.3%
Growth/population 12.3%
Better cultural opportunities 11%
Way of life/family 9.6%
General change/new start 6.8%
Better job opportunities 5.5%
Expense/cost of living 5.5%
Crime/safety/health 5.5%
Better educational opportunities 2.7%

Are you intentionally investing your time and energy in this community (December 2007)?



Don't know/no answer

Is there a homeowners association or neighborhood association where you live (December 2007)?



Don't know/no answer

If yes, do you agree with the following (December 2007)?

It has no impact on your connection to your neighborhood and the community 43%
It strengthens your connection to your neighborhood and the community 21.4%
It weakens your connection to your neighborhood and the community 7.5%

Have you had a personal experience of racial or ethnic bias in this community in the last year (December 2007)?



Don't know/no answer


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