Suicide rates

Updated 12/18//18

The 2020 Healthy People suicide rate target is ≤ 10.2. Washoe County residents and Nevadans commit suicide at a rate that continues to be  twice the national average. Suicide is one of the data measures likely impacted by economic and health risk factors.

According to the Department of Health & Human Services suicide statistics research, Nevada ranked 2nd in the nation for suicide deaths in 2004 and 2005; 4th in 2006; and 5th by 2010; but rates have changed little over the last decade. The majority of Nevada suicide deaths are between the ages 26-64. In 2004, 9.8% of suicide deaths were under the age of 25, which increased to 14% in 2006.  Unfortunately, after declining, the suicide death rate increased again starting in 2009. For more detailed state information:  Nevada 2013 State Suicide Fact Sheet

According to the 2016 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 8.8% of Washoe County’s population 18-25 years of age reported having suicide serious thoughts in the prior year.

According to the Washoe County Senior Citizen’s Strategic Plan 2006-2016, 22% of Nevada suicides in 2003 (96 persons) were persons ages 65 or older. In contrast, 2.9% of adolescents in 2003, grades 9-12, reported suicide attempts in the past 12-months.  The Neveda senior suicide death rate in 2005 was 35.3, but dropped to 31.8 in 2010, using CDC data.

The Kaiser Foundation, State Health Facts site, reports Nevada mental health expenditures per capita in fiscal year 2013 were $89.41, compared to $119.62 for the US (most recent data available).


  • Empty age range cells are statistically unreliable


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