Technology engagement

Updated 10/05/18

Having the right technology for your life needs and the knowledge to use that technology, denotes adaptability for productivity, advancement, enrichment and innovation.

On a scale of 1 – 5, with 1 being completely dissatisfied and 5 being totally satisfied, how would you rate your satisfaction about having the technology you need in your life right now (December 2007)?



Technology offers tools that allow us to communicate, learn and do our jobs more effectively, in addition to entertainment and enhancing life at home.


Washoe County results from the MarkeTec phone survey for TMT, December 2007.

What’s your biggest barrier to using technology more effectively (December 2007)?

Lack of knowledge 36.6%
Nothing 24.8%
Time 14.8%
Access to equipment 9.2%
Age/health 3.0%
Understanding/pace of change 2.2%
Price/money 2.2%
Don't know/no answer 2.2%
Personal interest/need/motivation 2.0%
Access to resources/education 2.0%
Other 1.2%


US Census Bureau, American Community Survey

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