Truckee River water quality

Updated 7/11/19

The federal Environmental Protection Agency has established that the Truckee River is an impaired waterway under the 303 Act, setting the Total Maximum Daily Loads for Phosphorus, Nitrogen and dissolved solids.  The river pollutants or stressors include temperature, total Phosphorus, and turbidity.  In 2006 Truckee River water quality was improved.  In low water years, we often see this result.  Less water carries fewer pollutants into the river.  With the recent wet winter, we can expect to see increased levels of pollutants.  The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection oversees compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act in the state and conducts a comprehensive water quality analysis every two years.


  • Average of 12-months data; 1998 for the first 6-months only;  2008 for the first 10-months only; 2014 for first 2 months only; 2015-16 several months only & averages calced from data provided by Dave Simpson, Nevada Division of Environmental Protection

  • Includes storm, flood & drought years

  • Truckee River @ E. McCarran Bridge, site nutrient and TDS data analysis were discontinued near the end of 1999

  • Vista Gage discontinued (restoration work); DRI took over sampling for TMWRF & moved from above Lockwood to @Lockwood/T4


Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Water Quality Planning

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