Washoe County voter turnout

Updated 11/13/18

The percentage of eligible citizens registered and casting votes indicates citizens invested in our community and understanding the value in working to make it even better. November 2014 (midterm) was the lowest US voter turnout since 1942—36.2%. In Washoe County, only 34.7% of eligible voters turned out; while November 2016 (presidential election) almost doubled to 60.3%.  November 2018 (midterm) dropped to 52.5%, but was the highest percentage of eligible voter turnout since TMT began reporting.

The fact remains that less than half the population eligible to vote, typically votes. As electoral politics has increasingly become a greater proportion of the economy, it will be interesting to see if the grassroots dedication and interest remain in future general elections.  To register to vote (or change your voter registration), visit Nevada’s new online registration system.

It doesn’t take countless votes to be elected and these officials represent their voters, even if more citizens didn’t vote. If you’re disengaged or have diverse views, exercise your civic duty to be part of the dialogue and vote to improve your quality of life.


Washoe County Registrar of Voters;

Nevada Secretary of State

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